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To properly plan for future events, it is highly recomended that every person have, at least, the following documents prepared for them:

Last Will and Testament: A document by which a person makes a disposition of his property, to take effect after his death.

Health Care Proxy: a document which delegates the authority to another adult known as a health care agent to make health care decisions on behalf of the adult when that adult is incapacitated.

Living Will: A document which contains specific instructions concerning an adult's wishes about the kind of health care choices and treatments that the adult does or does not want to receive, but which does not designate an agent to make health care decisions.

Power of Attorney: An instrument authorizing another to act as one's agent.  The Durable Power of Attorney remains in effect in the event that the person granting the power shall later become disabled.  The power of attorney, if made durable, addresses the problems that arise when an individual becomes disabled or incapacitated or is otherwise unable to manage his or her own financial affairs.