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Q. Can someone challenge my will after I die?
A. When a will is challenged, it's usually by a close relative who feels somehow cheated out of a share of the deceased person's property. To get an entire will invalidated, someone must go to court and prove that it suffers from a fatal flaw: the signature was forged, you weren't of sound mind when you made the will, or you were unduly influenced by someone accordance with your wishes, it is recommended you have a lawyer prepare the will.
A lawyer can assist in the following ways: Help you prepare an itemized list of your real and personal property and other assets. Advise you about legal requirements of which you maybe unaware. Explain the advantages/disadvantages of certain provisions you may want to include. Help you plan your estate for the greatest benefit of your heirs (e.g., use of deductions to reduce the size of the estate, thus avoiding unnecessary taxes.)