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Long Island attorney Richard Hochman provides sincere, friendly, compassionate service to his clients. It is his policy to treat each and every client as if they are his most important client, regardless of the type of case. He believes there are no small matters, and provides the same high quality of service to all clients.

As a Real Estate lawyer, whether a client requests that the attorney take full control of the file or stay in the background and let the client negotiate the deal and implement the strategy, Mr. Hochman strives for excellence, while ensuring the client is making informed decisions. Mr. Hochman is determined to achieve the desired result while implementing the best possible strategy.

Mr. Hochman assists clients in the development and implementation of comprehensive lifetime estate plans that carefully balance personal and administrative concerns. His estate planning and probate practice includes services ranging from wills and trusts to probate. He will work with you to determine which combination of planning tools is appropriate to your situation.

In representing the business client, Mr. Hochman ensures the legality of commercial transactions for his clients. He has the knowledge of statutory law and regulations to help his clients achieve their goals within the bounds of the law. His experience in small business and corporate law ranges from business formation to winding up.  Whatever your business law related need, Mr. Hochman can provide you with excellent legal representation.

Please remember, our web site has been designed to provide you with an overview of our Legal Practice and how we as a law firm experienced in Real Estate, Estate Planning and Small Business and Corporate Law may be helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us for information whenever the need arises.  Since each client's situation is unique, only after a complimentary confidential appointment can we analyze your situation and needs in order to determine what options may be appropriate for you, and how we can best represent you.