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The Law Offices of Richard Hochman uses its expertise to guide and protect clients through the mortgage process. Clients benefit from the counsel of an experienced mortgage experienced attorney. Mortgage Law is a part of Real Estate Law.

When applying for a mortgage loan, the government requires the lender provide a number of legal documents to ensure the borrowers understand the different options and costs. The large number of documents contain terms like APRs and Yield Spread Premiums and make the process all but impossible to understand, benefiting the loan officer. An attorney experienced with mortgages will explain these terms in order to educate the consumer throughout the mortgage process.

Loan officers do not represent the borrower's best interest. Loan officers are often independent contractors and do not have the duty to protect consumers. As a result, the client is often overcharged or forced to pay a higher interest rate than necessary.

The Law Offices of Richard C. Hochman represents the borrower and is required to put the client's interests first. For peace of mind and an attorney you can trust, call The Law Offices of Richard C. Hochman at (516) 393-5903.